Roofing Materials

We offer roofing solutions in a wide variety of materials and styles.

Natural Slates

Speaks for itself being a premium product offering long lasting natural attraction, it allows usage of random widths in diminishing courses with the bespoke sizes creating a truly unique appearance and being a natural product weathers superbly. Naturally frequently requested by conservation and planning for many heritage and listed constructions and equally so generally meeting their approval, as expected this product not only enhances the aesthetics of any structure but the worth.

Clay Tiles

Combines the splendour of the past with the durability of the present and distinguishes a building as a quality creation, it has retained a place within our built environment for over seven hundred years enriching the architectural landscape, being a natural sustainable product improves over time and exposure to the elements or alternatively could be artificially aged to merge with historical surroundings.

Cedar Shingles

Environmentally friendly, sustainable and renewable with a life expectancy in excess 50 years when treated they provide a maintenance free option, especially beneficial when requiring a lightweight solution or to cover a low pitched slope as they can be fixed to 14 degrees, shingles perform well in exposed areas and weather particularly gracefully often adopting an attractive silver grey appearance.

Concrete Tiles

Provide a cost effective alternative to natural slate, they can compliment contemporary and larger designs certainly if substantial quantities are necessary, now being available in numerous profiles, textures and colours they are also a low maintenance option.

Fibre Cement Slates

Now replace the original asbestos slates which are naturally reaching the end of their life span they are inexpensive, lightweight and robust allowing design flexibility consequently are easier to fix and assume a slate appearance.

Wet Lay Scantle Slates

Traditionally utilised the smaller slates from our local Cornish slate quarries laid in random width diminishing courses, fixed using hardwood pegs hung over wooden laths with the tails of the slates bedded into lime mortar, alternatively 'dry lay' without mortar, a truly traditional method of slating using traditional materials and is consequently part of our architectural heritage and a characteristic of the Cornish landscape, it has the ability to recreate the atmosphere of Cornwall, often enduring in excess of 100 years and has been known to span to 300 years.

In addition we offer guidance and costings on all appropriate and preferred accompanying items in relation to the above.

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