I have some slates that have fallen off my roof. Will I need a re-roof?

It seems like your eaves are missing or broken in areas. There are 2 ways of dealing with this problem. You can install plastic eaves trays beneath your existing 1st course of slate, or your roof needs to be stripped out in a 'v' section to allow access for new slate eaves to be reinstated to your roof. The roof can then be re-slated with minimal lead tabbing visible.

I have water coming down the side of my chimney in my attic. I had my ridge pointed as I was told this was what was causing it, but the problem still occurs when it rains. Can it be fixed?

You may need a lead saddle installing beneath your ridge. A lead saddle is an essential part of your leadwork when a home as a chimney that sits at the apex of the roof, and acts as a bridge between the front and rear slate soakers or tile flashings on your chimney.

My home as a slate roof, the same as my neighbours and I would like to change my roof to tile. Is this possible with my neighbours having slate roofs?

Yes. A preformed fibre glass bonding gutter will need to be installed above the partition wall separating both properties. You simply tile and slate both roofs to the center point of the bonding gutter and it will then act as a soakaway for any rainwater in between the 2 roofs. It's not visible, and is a very effective and neat solution to this type of problem.

Is it possible to replace my lead valley without removing large areas of my roof?

Yes. By starting at the top of the valley and working down either side, enough slate/tile need to be removed (usually two) to expose the edges of the valley boards and the fixings holding the lead in situ. The lead can then easily be removed and replaced with new. The slate/tile can then be reinstated and the ridge bedded and pointed as before.

My gutters overflow when it rains. Do they need replacing?

Not necessarily. The problem could be down to a blocked outlet or gutters or worst case scenario, incorrect fall on the guttering. All 3 are not major problems and can rectified quite easily.

Is it possible to repair my roof and save me the cost of a re-roof?

Obviously, each roof is different and taken on its own merits. Whether it's a slate, tile or fat roof there is usually something that can be done to repair and prolong the roofs lifespan. By replacing broken or damaged slate/tile or patching and sealing a flat roof you can achieve this. The problem will be the condition of the battens or the flat roofing boards, and whether or not they can still take the weight of the roofing products sitting on them. If they are rotten and in a dangerous state then you will be looking at a full re-roof unfortunately.

I had a problem with splits in my lead flashings and had them repaired using flashband. Is this okay and will it last as long as lead?

No, it will not last anywhere near as long as lead. Flashband should only be used as a temporary repair to alleviate water penetration while the correct programme of repair is being finalised, or you are waiting for a start date to renew your leadwork. Flashband will only last a couple of years weathering before it begins to crack and fail.

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